The connection between how many times the thought
“I should never have backheeled that ball” goes through a forward’s mind during a football match,
and how many movements hitherto unknown to human kind the same person
performs on the dance floor after midnight.

The connection between the static tension in the home team’s locker room
just before kick-off for the second leg where the score is 0 - 6,
and the unexpected collective confusion in the nearest mosquito swarm at the same time.

The connection between the need football players with depression tendencies have for group therapy
in connection with situations when the ball is out of play,
and the same players’ genetic dispositions for sitting quietly
in church with their grandmothers.

The connection between the idea that one assists the referee impartially
and objectively in technical matters where at least two
of the opposing players have a horizontal view of the world,
and how often one used to blush during forced family visits
where one was the only child present.

The connection between how often one sees the favorite team lose on tv
and the way the toes develop over the years - aesthetically perceived.

The connection between the ability to perceive football as an exclusively metaphysical phenomenon
that no doubt would have been more challenging had there not been a ball involved,
and the technique one has developed for devouring spaghetti when no one is around.

The connection between how you gain “control of the ball”
after a keeper’s long goal kick when you seem to have all the time in the world,
and the ability to visualize the amount of existing planets
and their inter-relational positions in the universe.

The connection between the wish to turn the theoretical research
on “tunnels inside the six-yard area” into a field of emphasis,
and the desire to make untraditional experiments
and untraditional directions in brain surgery.