Take a swim in the pool.
Eat fish for dinner afterwards.

Climb to the top of a high mountain.
Try to stand on your head.

Then climb back down.

Bake a bread that looks like an airplane.
Put it outside and let the birds eat it.

Read a hundred-year old book.

Kiss the wind.

Follow a snail for a day.

Talk friendly to all butterflies you meet.
See if there are any letters for you the next day.

Think of something you don´t know.Get a hair cut.
Put the hair in the shoes. Wear them for a whole day.

Eat peas and think of princesses.

Bury an umbrella on a rainy day.

Get a book about airplanes at the library.
Comb your hair back.

Go into the forest.
Dig a hole and scream in it.