Open eyes and closed eyes

You open your eyes. Everything is white. There is nothing to see, just white. White light. What happened? How did you get here? You don’t remember. You have a feeling that you’ve been crying recently. Your eyes are moist. That’s all. It’s all you can remember. And there is nothing here. Why are you here? Where did you come from? Where are all the others? Is there anybody else? There is nothing here. Nothing, bright light and a vague memory of crying. You cannot remember having seen such a bright light before. You cannot remember having seen anything before. Nothing. What has been, feels like nothing, and now there’s an unpleasantly bright light. It feels as if it is getting brighter. You cannot stand the light any more. You want to close your eyes. You try to keep them open just a little longer. You try, but the light is too bright. It is as if it’s piercing you. You can´t stand it any more. You have to close your eyes. You close your eyes. It feels more quite, but there was no noise before. It feels better. You can rest. At first it seems as if it´s black, but after a while you realize that it´s red. The light out there is forcing itself on you so that everything seems red. Yet it´s better this way with red light. Better with closed eyes. You notice that you can relax a little, despite this disturbing experience you had with the eyes open. It is as if your thoughts are silent. The questions aren’t forcing themselves on you like they did a little while ago. It’s only red. You can rest in the red. Rest in body and mind. Rest, that’s nice. You try to remember, but can´t. There is nothing to remember. Gradually some nuances appear in the red. Gradually some thoughts emerge. It is as if you see something even if the eyes are closed. Something is light-red, something red, and something a little darker. It moves, as in a movie where everything is out of focus. It´s strange. You are still keeping your eyes closed, but you see. You seem to be paralyzed in this situation. You stare into the red. There is nothing else you can do. Gradually the blurred images become less blurred, and you recognize them. You are thinking, "I‘ve seen this before". This is familiar, and now it comes to you again. You remember this. This is how it was a long time ago. More images from the past appear. Red images. The images move in the red light, like little stories. In the same instant you see them you realize that you have experienced this before. That’s how it was. That’s how it is