Other Exercises

Take a long walk in new shoes,
so that your heel blisters.
Gently poke a little hole in the blister
and place a seed in it.

Try to picture God
while you watch your laundry spin around.

Convince yourself that you have no free will.
Then install free will.

Eat a thousand seeds
and drink a big glass of water.
Go outside and lie down in the sun.

Imagine that you are a stone
and the stone is you.

Take the time you need.Make a little mast with a little sail.
Go out in a field and plant the mast in the ground.

Buy a book with blank pages.
Go home and read it.

Bury a mirror.

Try to convince a mouse
that once you had a tail.

On a day when the sky is cloudless
take out a small mirror.
Stretch up and hold the mirror as high as you can
so that the sky can look at itself.

lukk vindu