Pavel Büchler

My name is Pavel Büchler, I was born in Czechoslovakia and am writing to you from an adress in Moon Grove, Manchester, Great Britain.
I want to tell you how, a long time ago, I sent a letter to the Moon. I wrote it in the hope that, after Major Gagarin´s mission, space flights would soon become a common thing, and I adressed it to «The Space Station On The Moon». I stamped the letter with the most precious stamp from my childhood collection - I sacrificed the triangular one from Madagascar - and dropped it in the post box on thr corner of our street.
Some seven years later, one evening in July 1969, I rushed home to catch the TV transmission from the Moon landing. Armstrong´s voice was indistinct, at times drowning in the crackleof the radio signal. But I didn´t understand English anyway and had to wait for the commentary at the end of the broadcast to learn what he said. Not a word about a letter.
Sincerely yours,
Pavel Büchler
Moon Grove, Manchester.