28 People

Something strange happened a while after she turned thirty-six. One night she dreamed most of what she had experienced the day before. The next night she dreamed about the day before that again. It continued like this, day after day, backwards in time. When she was forty, she dreamed what she experienced as a thirty-two-year old, when she was sixty, she dreamed her life as a twelve-year-old. And it wasn´t just that she dreamed back in time, the dreams themselves were reversed. The dreams started with her getting up at night. All day long she walked backwards and talked backwards. The food came out of her mouth onto the plate. The ingredients were taken back to the store. In the beginning she understood little of what was being said, but gradually she became fluent in backward-speech. The dreams became more and more distinct. When she was seventy she dreamed her life as a two-year-old. Now the dreams were almost more real than life awake. She could see through the eyes of a toddler and yet possess the wisdom and consciousness of an old woman. Hardly anyone believed in these dreams, especially not when she dreamed her childhood. When she was seventy-one, she had problems with her legs. She had to stay in bed and needed much attention. A little while after she turned seventy-two, she fell into a coma. Her condition remained unchanged for the last nine months.

She had something that resembled a starfish right under her skin. It was like a dim, star-shaped glow that came from within. It could be on the belly, on the back or the legs. In fact, sometimes the star wandered slowly under the skin of her face. She had it like this all her life. When she died, the star disappeared.

Her head was full of giraffes. No matter what she did, giraffes were the only thing she could think about. Moreover, the last few days her throat had been hurting badly.

He had suffered these stomach pains for a long time. He consulted many doctors, but they could not find out what was wrong with him. One day he met a little girl in the park. She came toward him, crying, and rested her head against his belly.

He was a diver with long experience in deep-sea diving. He often stayed under the surface for long periods of time. One night on assignment he dreamed that he woke up. He stepped out of the diving bell without his diving suit on and swam along the bottom of the sea. He did not drown. He could breathe in the water. As he swam he swallowed more and more water, and he grew bigger and bigger. The skin became thinner and more transparent. Fish began to swim into him - first little fish, then sharks and other large fish. In the end he even carried several whales inside him. Some time later he went on summer vacation and swam with his children. He mirrored his face in the clear water.