The Situations

The banana had a good plan.
None of the grapes in the grape bowl would participate,
so nothing happened.

The carrot lay right beside the bread bag
with the far too dry bread. The coffee cup stood
in the middle of the table, half full of cold, pitch-black coffee.
The second hand on the kitchen clock struggled
to pass by the eleven. The rug lay motionless on the floor.
The doorbell rings.

The forest was there again the next day.

The fish took aim and jumped up.
Not because there was a more or less desperate fly
on the surface of the water above.
No, it jumped out into the air
to be once again surrounded by water
a fraction of a second later.

Someone had forgotten to switch off the globe.
The light had been switched on about half five in the evening
when questions came up about Hawaii. The globe glowed all evening.
When all the other lights were switched off later in the evening,
the globe was forgotten. It sat glowing all night.
No one even noticed the lighted globe next morning.
In fact no one switched off the light in the globe
until around eight o’clock the following evening.
The one who eventually switched off the light
didn’t consider that it might have been on for so long.
It’s unclear whether anyone at all was aware
that the globe had glowed all night.

When he saw the fly he couldn’t remember meeting it before.
The fly tried to tell him about their meeting but it didn’t help.
He couldn’t remember a thing about it and just had to shake his head and apologise.
The situation was a little embarrassing for them both.
When they went each their own way he tried to avoid thinking
about it anymore and he was relatively successful.
The fly attempted the same but didn’t quite manage
to clear the thoughts from its head.

There was nothing on the table except the used cake fork,
the candle stick with the burnt out candle, the three oranges
and a piglet that suddenly appeared out of nothing.
The piglet looked just as amazed as everyone else.