And Stone and Mountain and

That, that is so hard, that only the most fragile can enter into it.


Inside the mountain there was a stone.

The almost forgotten day sneeked by without anyone noticing.

The chocolate bear couldn’t believe its own eyes.

The pocket opened itself in such a way that the sun could shine right down to the bottom.

As soon as the apple seed came out into the light, it fell down in between the two sofa cushions.

The stone had just let go of her hand and let itself fall to the ground.

The ocean vanished the day after. The fly was very surprised.

It turned out that God didn’t know any priests, monks, imams, or any other religious people.
He also could never quite understand what it is they do, even although it was explained to him.
No matter how well one tried to explain what these religious teachers do,
he could not comprehend that it had anything to do with him.

The match was so afraid she wouldn’t light, that she peed herself.

The stone recently had a near-life experience.