Other Other Exercises

Hold a seed tightly in your hand,
then move it in slow circles around your head.

Lift a rock that is heavier than you can lift.

Find a stone that is about the same size as your hand.
Open the seam on your pillow. Put some of the feathers on the stone.
Wrap a white thread around the feathers and stone so that the feathers are affixed to the stone.
Repeat the procedure until all the pillow feathers are affixed to the stone.

On a day when the sun is high in the sky, take out a small black box.
Open the box so that the rays from the sun hit the inside. Close the box.
Take the box with you as you get in your car and drive through a tunnel.
Open the box when you are on the other side of the mountain.

Imagine that someday, the sun will swallow the earth.
Imagine that this is the beginning of something – a kind of birth.

Hold a stone in your hand. Close your eyes. Imagine that the stone is inside your hand.
Open your eyes. Close your eyes. Imagine you are inside the stone. Open your eyes.

Go to the top of a high mountain. Make a little dot on the mountain with a felt-tip pen.
Make a similar dot on your fingertip. Hold your finger against the dot on the mountain.

Get out of bed in the middle of the night and open a window.
Hold a ping-pong ball out in the night-darkness.

Model a fish out of clay. Cast many cement copies of the fish.
Take all the cement fish on a rowing trip.

Put a flowerpot filled with dirt on your windowsill. Plant a little globe in it.
Water it well and make sure it gets lots of sun.

Place your mouth over a small bowl of water.
Let your lips barely touch the water.
Throw the water into the ocean.

Find something unexplainable and put it in your hand.

Close your eyes. Imagine that all events, all happenings, are actually poetry.
Poetic manifestations you haven’t noticed because you were busy with the practical organisation of life.
Social, biological, physical, and/or spiritual explanations have mostly been what you noticed,
because you have always been seeking explanations. Open your eyes.