Other Other Other Exercises

Invite a good friend and a large stone over for coffee and cake.
Bake a cake. Set the table.
Start brewing coffee when you hear a knock on the door.

Pick up a stone.
Hold it in your hand for a while before you let it fall to the ground.

Visit a snowman.
Do not be disappointed if you are not offered coffee or anything.

Stand straight.
Imagine you are in a space that is between looking backwards and hoping to find something you can explain,
and looking forward, hoping to find something you cannot explain.

Put your hand into a river. Hold it there.
Feel how the riverís current takes hold of your hand.
Think about your hand being in the river.
Imagine that it belongs to the river.

Sit in a chair with a large stone in your lap.
Let the tip of one middle finger slowly and carefully touch the surface of the stone.
Meanwhile, try to convince yourself that you do not need to understand.

Find a small tree and cut off a branch that stretches upwards.
Use it to make a 5 cm model of Apollo 9. Moisten the gum-edge of a sheet of cigarette rolling paper.
Roll the paper around the model so that it is tightly glued. Carefully pull the paper off the model.
You now have a cigarette-rolling-paper rocket. At the next full moon, take the cigarette-rolling-paper rocket back to the tree. Place the cigarette-rolling-paper rocket on the cut branch.

Imagine that you are out swimming with some crocodiles.
All the crocodiles smile at you, and you smile at them.
Then open the refrigerator and see if any eggs are in there.

Jump as high as you can.
Imagine that you are not the one jumping, but that you are the jump.
If you land, imagine that you are not the one who is landing, but that you are the landing.