And Mountain and Seed and

‘That’s enough’, they all thought.
Things had gone too far. They couldn’t take it anymore.
Absolutely all the trees in the forest agreed: there was only one solution.

All the stones had had enough eternal excitement about ‘look at that fantastic view’,
so they decided to go down to the foot of the mountain for a little peace and quiet.

The bird sat on the head of the water buffalo.
The fly sat on the head of the bird.
‘I think I’ll do a little fly dance’, thought the fly.
‘I think I’ll do a little bird dance’, thought the bird.
‘I think I’ll do a little water buffalo dance’, thought the water buffalo.

‘Tunnel, did you say tunnel?’
‘Yes, that’s what is needed’, said the doctor.
‘For a long time I thought I could just write a prescription,
give you an ordinary pat on the back and wish you a good weekend,
but you must go to hospital immediately so I can operate early tomorrow morning.’
The mountain took it badly and sunk further into the chair.

The fairy tale about the fly inside the elephant
vanished when the thought appeared.

It got a little out of control when all the trees in the forest
wanted to participate in the dance.

The tree understood itself to be leaning against the mountain.
The mountain, for its part, thought it was leaning against the tree.

It appeared that freedom could only reveal itself in that which was incomplete.