Other Other Other Other Exercises

Walk to a tree in a forest.
Stand before the tree.
Think that neither you nor the tree are,
but that everything that is,
is what happens in the space between you and the tree.

Let a tiny stone disappear between your thumb and forefinger so that
gratitude can show itself.

Look for what you can give on the day you have nothing.

Dip your hand into a river.
Keep your hand in the river.
Feel how the current of the river takes hold of your hand.
Now your hand is in the current of the river.
Now the current of the river is in your hand.
Now the river is your hand.
Now your hand is the river.

Walk to a steep mountain.
Rub your forehead against the mountain
while you whisper something in a language you cannot speak.

Hold your hands together so that they make a cavity.
Open them gently so that the hole can come out.

Open your hands.
Hold them up with the palms turned upwards,
so that time can show itself in them.

Imagine the impossible
and invite it up to dance.