When you as an ambassador (or others) collect hair, it is important to follow certain rules:

A person who gives a strand of hair must truly want to give. The person must be old enough to be able to say that he or she wants to give a hair.

The hair must be plucked from the head. If a person is bald, a hair from an eyebrow or beard can suffice. Only hair from the head can be given.

Every giver can give one hair. No one can give more than once to the project.

Givers are requested to fill out the information sheet. If there is information the giver does not want to supply, that is OK. The minimum information required is the date the hair was given, and the country the giver was in when the hair was given.

Fill out the form clearly, using large letters.

The hair strand that is given should be attached to the information sheet with a post-it-note. This will keep the hair from being damaged, and it will be easier to work with.

The ambassador should carry out the project only when he or she really wants to do so. This is not a job. It is a way of communicating with others, of bringing together small parts of many people, such that these parts can be together and exchange knowledge and experience for all time.

The ambassador is to send the collected hair to Kurt Johannessen. 9. Only hair from people can be collected.

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