New York Artist Book Fair
PS1, New York

The quality of books in Norway Focus only mirrors the subject matter that emerges, which feels as foreign as the idea of camping in an icy cave or seeing the Northern Lights with any regularity. There is a deliberate, personal, almost philosophical air to the best publications, including those mentioned thus far. The essence is perhaps most direct in Kurt Johannessen‘s self-published gems. His imagery revolves around the ephemeral, including photographed soap bubbles and portraits printed in lacquer on a white page that only reveal themselves at the proper angle in the light. His words are meandering tales of self-discovery or isolation, often prompting the viewer to observe victories or discoveries through the soul of a vacuum cleaner, light bulb, or other inanimate object. His pocket-sized incantations, such as Discoveries or I Am, are performative daily affirmations, considerations to release your conscious from the mud.

26 September 2014
Lynn Maliszewski